Evilnut Creative Technology is a Canadian software and consulting firm with a main office in Vancouver. We provide full-service digital solutions for your business such as Web Design, SEO, SEM and SMM, and Mobile App Development. With our IT support and consulting services, digital solutions have never been easier.

Through our comprehensive consulting processes, we help you analyze and assess your business, corporate goals, budget, and the right partner to collaborate with.

At Evilnut, we fix meticulous attention and detail to every product we deliver, ensuring that we exceed your expectations and work with you to help you actualize your business ambitions. Our service constructs an online experience that transforms your audience into long-term ambassadors. With tactical strategies in place, we will enhance your business goals and revolutionize the way you market.

Evilnut Website and Application Design Examples

Evilnut started as a software and web app development company. Our goal was to create digital assets and business solutions to help our customers meet their needs. From there, we slowly branched out to post-purchase customer service to ensure our clients are fully satisfied with our work, and marketing to make sure the digital identify we helped craft can be put to good use.

Now, Evilnut’s mission has evolved into helping businesses succeed in internal operations and on the web with the help of the newest technology available. We bring together technology with innovation and application with marketing.

Helping businesses with technology, innovation, application and marketing


Chief Executive Officer

As the CEO of Evilnut, Scott spearheads the team with several years of experience working with electronics, computers, and the overarching field of technology. Having graduated from Simon Fraser University in 2013 with a Bachelor in Computer Science, Scott is familiar and knowledgeable with the latest industry programming languages and trends.


Chief Technology Officer

Overseeing the Evilnut team, Jension ensures that all technical aspects are developed according to specifications and regulations. He graduated from South China University of Technology with a Bachelor in Computer Science and Technology. Jension is also strongly skilled and experienced with C++, C, C#, JavaScript, PHP, and more.

Arta Ahrabi

Project Manager

Strongly organized, driven, and fluent in the art of multitasking, Arta is one of the managers behind Evilnut’s projects. To this role, she brings an unrivalled work ethic built from her education in Engineering that ensures each project surpasses clients’ expectations.

Coco Tang

Asian Market Director

Coco has extensive experience in the Asian market. Mainly responsible for the strategic deployment and operation of Evilnut's Asian market. Leading the Asian market team to establish the brand development direction and continuously expand the Evilnut integrated business scope. In addition , she is in charge of maintaining the organic relationship with other companies.

Jenny Jiang

Web Developer

As a Web Developer, Jenny is experienced with creating user-friendly web pages using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript based on clients’ needs. As well, she is equipped with UI/UX design skills to prepare high-Fi prototype for stakeholders. Jenny is able to work well with others. She is ready to overcome any challenges in the new media industry where she can build on the skills gained from her education and experience.

Ashley Xu

Senior UI Designer

As the Senior UI Designer, Ashley creates friendly and customized user interface design for websites and applications.

Juan Aguas

Project Manager

Globally experienced and practiced in the realm of IT, Juan is one of the managers behind Evilnut. Educated in Computers and Computer Science Engineering, he is fervently knowledgeable on the programming languages and frameworks HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Java, Python, JavaScript, Android, Objective C, and Swift. When he isn’t busy at work, you’ll find him spending time with his two precious angels, Santiago, 8, and Sofia, 5 months

Jennifer Wibisono

Content Marketing Strategist

With an innate passion for language and words, Jennifer is the Content Marketing Strategist behind Evilnut. Equipped with education in both Communication and Business, she brings knowledge and creativity to think outside of the conventional box to create captivating content.

Mark Wen

Back-End Developer

As the Back-End Developer, Mark is familiar with most of the latest PHP frameworks as well as advanced algorithms to ensure that his web projects have the best performance.

Randy Su

Front-End Developer

As a Front-End Developer, Randy is skilled and experienced with the most common front-end frameworks and programs such as PHP, JavaScript, WebGL, and CSS3. His expertise lies in handling website responsiveness and multi-browser compatibility.